About Liquidation Solutions

Liquidation Solutions has been providing facility decommissioning and furniture redeployment services for more than 18 years. We work with large companies who are rightsizing or relocating their business units and need to vacate their lease space. We then resell those assets to knowledgeable, budget-conscious buyers looking to create huge savings without compromising on quality.

Liquidation Solutions has the professional staff, advanced resources and flexible office liquidation services you need for a stress-free experience, whether simply liquidating 25 office cubicles or performing a full campus shutdown with 5000 seats or more. Our knowledgeable staff will carefully assess the items that you have to liquidate and determine which of your items can be resold or recycled. We can handle the liquidation of your office furniture, but also have the skills to liquidate virtually anything inside your entire facility, from floor to ceiling, and are skilled at IT asset recovery.

Through our processes, we can offer companies in need of purchasing furniture thousands of low-cost options specifically addressing their requirements for both form and function.

Typical savings can be 70-80% when making a like-kind comparison with new furniture.
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