Office Moving 101

Moving Offices can be complex. To get through it with as little hassle as possible, the move should be a coordinated, well executed, and an efficient process. Any hiccup in the moving process can be troublesome and cost a business cash in lost productivity. To prepare to move, you should plan, stage, and break down the moving process into manageable and efficient stages. It will be beneficial to the business in a multitude of ways. Below are some ways to help you prepare you business or office to switch to a new location:

Office Layout and Equipment Planning

  • Determine how much space you are going to be actively using in your new location, take a headcount of office employees and assess how much area each employee needs for their workspace
  • Before the process of moving is underway, take inventory of things before they have been moved, where they are packed, and again when they have been unpacked to ensure nothing has been lost
  • Identify what furniture is suitable to be moved, what needs to be decommissioned, and what needs to be purchased
  • Create a current office layout that is scaled for later reference; and a new office layout to determine available space
  • Aside from people’s workspaces, allocate areas devoted to files, printing, lunch, storage, conference rooms and other necessities
  • Do departments need a special arrangement for synergistic communication, if so, arrange them in the new office layout to take advantage of the new office space

Electronic Infrastructure

  • Investigate the IT infrastructure of possible locations, service providers, and rates
  • Check the electric sockets around the office, the ventilation network, location of key objects like the HVAC and Server Rooms, determine if appropriate for the proposed new office layout
  • Evaluate the current WIFI network coverage and how it overlaps employee workspaces, determine if an upgrade is necessary to meet business needs
  • Use a separate, redundant inventory system for business critical items
  • Take stock of phone system and decide if upgrades are necessary to desk phones and conference room phones
  • Determine if phone numbers will be kept, or if a new number is required
  • Prepare Data Services to be activated and by move in date
  • Evaluate the security measures around the office and determine if there are there cameras, dedicated security, key card checkpoints and physical locks

Intra-Office Communication

  • Plan the revealing process, emailing an announcement and holding a meeting to discuss the move
  • Create opportunities for employees to see the new location firsthand before the move, set up a tour showing them the office space and important locations around the building
  • Communicate to your customers, suppliers, and other clients well before moving to ensure they are all aware of the move and no mistakes will be made using the old address
  • Let employees know the moving instructions (date, office open time, new address, office layout, etc.), and advise employees that they will not be allowed on location during moving times
  • Communicate the new building policies, parking areas and manners, additional amenities like cafeterias and bathroom and important locations like the security office

Move-In Day and Getting Settled

  • Designate a point person who keeps track of milestones and communicates progress of move to other team leaders
  • Have employees walk over the vacated space after everything has been moving to find any items left behind
  • Often times, items get lost or misplaced, or employees need help getting set up, prepare a system to keep track and address these issues
  • Your moving provider can assist with having a couple team members be present during the first few dates to assist with any additional support that is needed in the new office space

What do to with your old location

  • Review the lease and determine what the space turnover standards or conditions are
  • Determine what work is necessary to return acceptable turnover conditions, cables may need to be removed, customized areas returned to their original condition, painted walls etc.
  • Decide what will be done with furniture that isn’t being moved to the new office, a good option is always donating them, but other options like liquidators, recyclers, and disposal organizations are available
  • Contract providers capable of breaking down and removing extra items, it is beneficial if they can handle repairs
  • If donating electronic computers or other similar items, ensure that the memories have been wiped and are clean from any confidential information
  • Cancel any location based and recurring services, such as utilities, network services, security, newspapers etc.
  • Set up a mail forwarding service to initiate on your move in date so there is no interruption in the mail flow

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